And so it begins

Our fearless adventurers meet up after being hired on by a ship captain to help defend against pirates, while transporting valuable (rare lumbers, and hand crafted goods) cargo. Our party consists of Dorian, Jonathon, Aurus, Paela, and Aeyo. They set out from Baldur’s Gate, with intended delivery set for Fort Belorean, on the island of Cholte.

The journey is a weeks long, and largely uneventful until the last week or so of the trip. An unnatural storm comes out of nowhere, and starts to batter the ship. Some crewman are lost to voracious waves taking them overboard. A fire starts below decks, and masts are snapped by the winds and waves. Aurus is washed overboard, Aeyo is able to save him. Dorian goes below decks and is able to get his backpack, as well as Jonathons. Paela also goes below deck and gets her gear, and saves a few of the crewman from the blaze that had erupted from a broken oil lamp. Once above deck, Dorian sees the ship captain get washed overboard. Grabbing a piece of rope that was tied to one mast, Dorian dove in after him, barely able to reach him. Aeyo and Aurus pulled Dorian and the captain back on board.

Just as things could not look bleaker, a ghostly ship appears out of nowhere. Everyone on board loses consciousness as the ghosts begin to board the heroes ship.

When our heroes next wake up, they are laying on a beach, stranded, and surrounded by the bodies of the crew, and debris from the ship. No one survived, other than Captain Terrel Dax, Little Joe (young boy), and Mank.

After making sure the living were all in good condition, they set to work gathering the dead to burn them. After taking an inventory of debris that had washed ashore from the ship, they realized they had no more food or water available, beyond what they had in their packs, so they decided to venture into the jungle.

They found some statuary indicating an ancient death cult of some unknown god. After a little further exploration, they found a hunting party of pygmy like tribesman. After a tough battle our heroes were victorious, but had to flee the jungle, with a massive hunting party of pygmy’s on their tail. The pygmy’s only broke off when a Dire Tiger came out near the group.

Aeyo, was able to communicate with the tiger, and Aurus did a fair job asserting strength and danger, that the tiger apparently decided the group was not worth the trouble, and left. The party decided to set up camp for the night, and Aeyo went scouting back to the village of the pygmy’s, where he was able to get some fresh water for the party, and scout out the village.

Dorian communed with the powers that be, and invoked a Hand of Fate. That led the party to travel in a new direction, taking them away from the jungle through a plains full of elephant grass. The party finds a Ziggeraut that Aeyo and Dorian scout out, and Dorian is able to ascertain it is an ancient Yuan Ti fortress.

Session is called at this point, to be continued


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