Brother Johnathan

Human Cleric


Brother Johnathan was born as John Broxton, the youngest son of a minor noble family in the city of Baldur’s Gate. Johnathan was always known as a troublemaker, even as a child: it was not uncommon for him to get involved in little child street gangs that did little more than vandalize and steal petty things. However, unlike most people who grow out of those types of phases, Johnathan, even despite his education and upbringing and wealth, continued down this path of self-destruction, going so far as to start his own gang, The Red Shirts, that worked in more things that just petty theft and vandalism. Indeed, his new gang worked bribery, extortion, theft, and in some extreme cases, murder (though Johnathan claims to never have actually killed anyone himself; he had his cronies do it for him). To say the least, Johnathan did not lead a very pious life. Even though he relished in this new life of crime, he on countless occasions garnered the attention of the authorities, yet the Flaming Fist could never quite dig up enough dirt on the young Johnathan to throw him in jail. To Johnathan, this simply encouraged him to delve deeper and deeper into a life of crime, until he got in over his head.

To wit, Johnathan was always a careful man (which explained why he avoided being thrown in jail as long as he had). However, even careful men make mistakes, and Johnathan was no exception. You see, there was another minor noble family not far from where Johnathan lived. They called themselves the Lobos, and were known for being highly secretive and very much a mystery to the rest of the city: they rarely went outdoors, especially on nights where there was a full moon, and they never had any pets, either. They would never invite others into their mansion and only rarely showed up at social gatherings. Some people would even claim to hear the cries of wolves on some nights emanating from their mansion, but no one could confirm it. Johnathan, intrigued by the family, set up a heist of their mansion with a two-fold purpose: one, of course, was to steal as much treasure as they could. The second was to discern just what was up with this family, and whether that there was any truth to them about being werewolves. So, planning on attempting to rob the mansion on a full moon night, Johnathan was sure of their success, not believing that something like a werewolf could be found in the civilized parts of Faerun.

The heist started off well enough: this was one of the rare times that Johnathan actually lead the mission, and was the first one over the Lobos’ mansion walls. His five cohorts soon followed, and they found their way into the mansion’s main door. Once inside, they were struck by one very noticeable thing: the mansion was completely empty. Their only companions were dust and dirt, even in the back parts of the house and in the basement. Just when Johnathan and his crew were thinking of giving up, they heard something that they all thought was simply too ridiculous to hear: a howl of a wolf from the upper levels of the mansion. That howl was answered by several more, all from seemingly different parts of the mansion. Johnathan froze in his tracks, for the first time in his life knowing real fear, so he did the only thing that he could do: forgetting about the lives of his comrades, he turned on his heels and ran. From the back of the house this was quite the effort, especially considering that he nearly avoided getting his head sliced off from a werewolf that lunged for him while he was speeding down a hallway; only quick reactions and a last minute slide kept his head on his shoulders.

From behind him he could hear the cries of dismay and screams of his henchmen as they were left to their own fate, but his survival instinct fully taken over, he could do little but keep on running. Finally reaching the front door, he was about to open it…when it opened from the other side. There, standing in front of him in gleaming silver plate armor, were several armed men. Johnathan did not know much about religion, but from what he could see of their insignia, they were obviously paladins, clerics and other clergy of Selune. They looked over the frightened Johnathan with a raise eyebrow, but once he screamed “Werewolves!” and pointed behind him, their faces hardened into steel. Unsheathing their weaponry, they proceeded to make quick work of any werewolves that had dared to face them. Once the slaying was complete, they simply left. Johnathan, curious about the fate of his henchmen and eager to thank his rescuers, followed. As he spoke with the leaders of the band of religious men, it appeared that the local temple of Selune had been watching the Lobos family for quite some time. It was only tonight that they had decided to strike at the mansion, for they had just received clearance for the task by the Flaming Fist. The leader of the expedition looked over Johnathan with a bit of a smirk and said, “It was divine intervention that helped you today, young man. Were it not for us, you may have made it out alive, certainly. But the Lobos would have hunted you down without mercy for finding their secret. Truly, the favor of The Moonmaiden has shone upon you tonight.” That Paladin, Gofan, immediately became an icon to the young man.

To Johnathan, these were the most profound words that he had ever heard. Truly, it could not have just been coincidence that he had just had his life saved tonight from the werewolves, but clergy of Selune, no less! Truly, this had to be a sign from The Moonmaiden that Johnathan had a larger purpose in life other than just an existence of crime. With those thoughts in mind, he immediately went back to his gang’s headquarters and turned over all operations to his highest lieutenant, siting that he had had a change of heart and found religion. Ever since that day, his gang, The Red Shirts, has thought of him as nothing more than a coward and a phony, especially since word got out that the henchmen that he had gone in with had not returned, and that Johnathan himself had shamefully fled: the voices of their screams still haunts Johnathan to this day, by far his most shameful act as a human being…something that he wishes that he could make up for, but knows that it would be indeed hard to do. The bodies of the henchmen who followed Johnathan into the mansion had never been found, either, wondering some to believe that the henchmen had been turned into werewolves themselves and now plot their own revenge against both Johnathan and the church of Selune. While the mansion of the Lobos still stands as a solemn reminder that you cannot believe what you see, the populace of Baldur’s Gate has seemingly forgotten about the Lobos family and moved on to other things…even though there have been rumors as of late of clergymen of Selune disappearing, and of howls coming from underneath the streets. Such a thing has put the church of Selune on high alert and has restricted their travels. Part of Johnathan’s mission, in fact, was to go around the world to various churches of Selune and gather as many followers of his faith as he could and to bring them back to Baldur’s Gate to deal with what the church there considers to be a grave threat: indeed, it is believed that the Lobos family was only a small cover operation for the greater werewolf population at large. It is believed by many in the church that there are still many more werewolves hiding out in Baldur’s Gate, in various places…though some believe that they are hiding out in the sewers. Wherever they may be indeed hiding, one thing is for certain: their numbers are much too large, and a confrontation between the lycanthropes and the church of Selune is indeed close in coming, and it threatens to engulf the entire city of Baldur’s Gate.

For Johnathan himself, he immediately joined the church of Selune and poured himself into studying to become a Cleric of The Moonmaiden under the mentorship of Gofan, the head Cleric of the temple of Selune in Baldur’s Gate. He has taken it upon himself to try and spread the word of The Moonmaiden and to root out any and all traces that he can find in the world of werewolves and various other lycanthropes, according to the tenants of his new-found faith: those that wish to be cured will be cured with the blessings of Selune. Those that have succumbed to the beast within will be destroyed. Also from what he has learned in his days in seminary, he seems to be much more joyful and hopeful than he ever once was, leading some of his family to wonder if he has in fact gone insane. His mother has always loved him, even in his criminal days, but his father has a very negative opinion of him; always has and always seemingly will. His three siblings, two sisters and one brother, treat him as they would any other younger sibling: as the butt of all their jokes, and as someone that they can push around simply because he is younger. However, underneath all the sibling rivalry, there is still an understanding that they all care for one another and only do what they do out of love for their little brother.

So Johnathan, secure in the knowledge of his given mission, gets on a boat to travel Faerun as much as possible, to gather as many allies for the temple as he can for the inevitable battle that is to come against the lyhcanthropes in Baldur’s Gate.

Brother Johnathan

Destiny Prelate