Willow Springberry

Resident Liberator of Captive Wealth and Loot


Life in a quiet village was the last thing Willow wanted anymore. Not that the village of Sweetwater was boring, but no long anything new. Willow was determined to go on an adventure that would lead to fame and fortune. However her family, the Springberry’s, were not known for being “the sharpest knifes in the drawer”. She wanted to see the ancient Elven cities of old that her (one too many to count) great-grandfather had seen as a long before the Halflings had enter the lands of Amn. Her mother believed “If you ask the goddess Yondalla, then anything is possible.” Her father on the other had, believed that this (one too many to count) great-grandfather was “a fool of a Took” and “So are you Willow, if you believe in those old tales.”

Willow could no longer wait; she was 22 and had no desire to settle down. On night she took her things and snuck away. She joined a group that traveled to Esmeltaran on Lake Esmel. There she went to a temple to Yondalla to pray for guidance. There she meet a peculiar looking Halfling, oh he looked normal, but gave off a light glow. He introduced himself as Brandobaris (yes this is the name, go look it up; not named for you!) He said “You must now travel to Baldur’s Gate and find a ship going to Fort Belorean on the island of Cholte. Then your adventures shall begin, and you must serve the goddess Tymora.” He also told her, “However beware the goddess Beshaba, for she is misfortune and can harm you. Your most important task is to take back what is mine, from Urdeln the Gnome’s god of greed. He has stolen the Mantle of the Seventh Wind, and it is only retrievable by a mortal.” As he faded away he added “Welcome to the Church of Misadventure!” “Wait misadventure….” Willow thought “That can’t be good?!” And when one start off by being shipwreck after leaving Baldur’s Gate, yeah not good.

Willow Springberry

Destiny Prelate