Why Is It Always Snakes?!

Thankfully the half of the party that was not with the brave fellows in the pyramid showed up to play this week, so they were in fact only a few hours behind the rest of the group for the entire journey. By the time they arrive to the pyramid that the first group had closed themselves in, the bullywugs had disappeared. They ascend the pyramid and Willow is able to quickly open the door in. The party is reunited, hooray!

The first room the party enters, after travelling some halls, is a large room with a basin. Sheera is able to read the writing near the basin, which states that a sacrifice of human blood is needed to turn on the lights. Without a second thought, Aurus slices open his hand and bleeds into the basin. Within moments, bright magic lights of many colors turn on throughout the facility (at least as far as the group can tell).

The next room of note they encounter, is filled with crystalline life size statues of all kinds of surface creatures. Upon closer inspection, the group realizes that the statues also have crystalline internal organs, and appear to be fully intact crystalline copies of creatures. Dorian recalls some vague historical texts talking about Illithid research labs doing something like this to surface creatures for study. Aeyo takes one statue of a small bird and puts in his backpack, the rest of the animals are left alone where they are.

Further along, the party comes into some barracks that appear hundreds of years out of disuse. Beds, chests.. nothing of note. They do find some old robes with draconic symbols on them, Dorian decides to put one on (hey.. you never know!). Through the barracks they find some lounges, kitchens, and holding cells. There are tapestries lining the halls, and Sheera is able to read one that talks about Zehir and Aathens (Snake Gods) and their human cultists.

A long tunnel from the holding cells takes the party to a coliseum. They find a strange mechanism in the coliseum, that Willow is able to trigger. It slides open the floor of the arena, and the party finds a massive figure of the ancient god-king, coming to life.

The party is briefly in a state of shock, as the God King begins to crawl out of the pit he had been slumbering in. Once he is on ground with the party, tells the party to kneel before him. Aeyo tries to talk with him, “King to King”, unsuccessfully.. his one attempt to strike the God-King was unsuccessful by a painfully large margin. Aurus distracts the creature with some beligerant speech, and grandstands with talk about Tempus. Rus, seeing how Aeyo’s attack was embarrassingly ineffective, immediately starts to run. The creature decides to accost Aurus, and crushes him to the ground with ease, and poisoning him at the same time. Dorian remembered he had donned the robe found earlier, and starts to talk to the God-King. “My lord, smiting one such as this will not strike fear into the hearts of others. Let him go so that he can tell tales of your might, and those of more power can come to you.” The creature appears to listen, and lets Aurus go. Aurus, Aeyo, and Willow start to run after Rus.

Dorian is feeling brave (or is it greedy or stupid or both, or all three?), and starts to talk to the creature again, “My lord, I could bring you hundreds, maybe thousands, of sacrifices, but I would need some token, some item of power from you, to help control their minds, and bring them here with greater speed and ease.” The creature stops and looks at Dorian and simply asks “What would you need?” Dorian takes a deep breath and says, “There are legends of a ring of great power, nothing in comparison to your might, but such a ring would aid one as weak as myself. With it, I could bring you sacrifices beyond count. Entire cities of Drow!”. The creature thinks for a moment, before diving back into the pit, only to come back up a minute later with the ring. He gives it to Dorian, and says “Here, go and bring me meat!”. Upon touching it, Dorian is able to instantly verify this is the ring of legend! He bows to the God-King, and leaves the room quickly.

Once around the corner, Dorian runs out of the temple as fast as he can. As he reaches the exit to the temple, he see’s the group is surrounded by 100 or so bullywugs at the base of the pyramid. A tedious combat ensues, and after the group has killed 25-30 of them, they all take off. The party rests, heals up, calls it a night.

The Gods only know what their next day will bring!


Rus did not run, it was a strategic retreat that he encouraged all of his allies to benefit from. Had the red headed warrior from the Moonseas known how devious a speaker Dorian was, he may have stayed to witness the smooth talking and perhaps benefit from it himself.

Why Is It Always Snakes?!

Never underestimate the vernacular of an immortal

Why Is It Always Snakes?!

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