The Chewer

Our band of heroes begin making their way into the network of caves in the upper levels of the Underdark, led by the lizardman scout Fing. The journey is boring, and dark, and eventually they come across an underground river.

On the river, not far from them, they see a small light, moving in their direction. The light moves into view, and it is a lantern on a small boat, with a cloaked figure wearing a deep hood. They speak with this figure for a bit, and they mention they are on their way to a neighboring tribe of lizardmen, and the emissary suggests a shortcut, but warns the group this shortcut could be dangerous. The group makes some more short small talk with this figure, and quickly learn it is an emissary from the Wizard Chalene, on the surface, on it’s way to meet with the Lich Drackan. As the parties hair starts to settle down after so abruptly standing up on end, they thank the Emissary for his time, and watch him go down the river. Once his lantern is out of sight, they discuss the suggested shortcut, and decide to take it.

The shortcut proved to be quite interesting, as they soon found a room with 2 wights and many animated skeletons. They quickly put the restless undead to peace, claim the modest treasure found there, and continued on their way.

Further down the tunnel, (after a nights of much needed beauty sleep), the party finds the remains of some recently killed kobolds, and an oil lantern still burning, and several pints of oil in skins, among the remains of the kobolds. The party follows the trail into a cavern, where they find a large smelly troll. The party quickly made introductions to the troll and their steel. While in the middle of extending some ‘forced sleep therapy’ on the troll, a large raiding party of kobolds comes upon the fray from a side tunnel (apparently coming to see what killed their friends). Seeing the adventurers, and the troll, the kobolds illustrate their place on the food chain by attacking the party, instead of the monster that has bits of their friends stuck between it’s teeth.

After a long and bloody fight (that almost did in a few of our fearless adventurers), they manage to kill the kobolds. The Troll played a wicked game of ‘possum’, and surprised the party by jumping up and attacking again, after they thought it was dead. Once it was back on it’s feet, it landed a few more hits, before it grabbed one of the dead kobolds and went tearing off down the tunnel. Being the party is worn out, utterly exhausted, and in dire need of a laundry service, they decide to call camp in the cavern.

After an uneventful rest period, our heroes decide to pursue the troll, the logic being it is a known threat, and better to kill it now, than have it follow them and cause trouble at an inconvenient time in the near future. Aeyo is able to track the troll, and they follow the trail for several hours, before coming into another large cavern. Fing, the scout, starts to whimper and cowers in a corner mumbling about “the chewer”, and the party assumes they have finally found the lair of the troll. They spread out, and begin to make their way into the back of the cavern, when they discover that “the chewer” is in fact, a basilisk!

After a long and brutal battle (most of the party whined like girls, but our mighty and powerful invoker convinced the group that they could take this overgrown lizard), our heroes are victorious! In the remains of “the chewer”’s past meals, the party finds a nice pile of gold, some enchanted Eladdrin Armor, and a glowing +3 shortsword (that was given to Willow to use).



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