Once Bitten Twice Shy

After resting from the taxing battle with “The Chewer” our party decides to forego hunting the troll, and continue on their way to the lizard tribe. After many hours, they come upon fork in the way, and the party decides to split up – Brother John, Willow, and Paela staying in a camp near the fork, and the rest of the party moving forward.

Our party soon comes across a small area with 3 tough looking lizardmen, who have a human strung up over a fire, where they are about to kill and cook him. The party quickly kills the lizards, and save the man – another human warrior, who’s name is Spike. Spike joins the party.

After many hours of travel, Fing, our mindless scout, went running up ahead, leaving the party behind. While chasing Fing down, the party comes upon a large cavern with a soft glowing moss carpeting the entire cavern. A voice whispers to them from the cavern, and the party asks if it has seen Fing. Fing’s corpse is thrown out of the shadows, and lands at their feet. The party quickly circles together, as they start getting attacked by a Spectre.

Shera is able to hit the spectre with a fire attack, knocking it out of invisibility, and the group is able to quickly kill it. They don’t find much in the cavern with the spectre, other than a few more skins of oil for their lantern. Aeyo is able to determine the glowing moss, while tasting terrible, is edible, and the water is fresh and clean, so the party restocks their supplies here. Thankfully, Aurus checks Fing, and realizes he has a very faint pulse. Since Brother John and Paela are both at camp, Aurus uses the parties healing potion to revive Fing (since the party has NO idea how to navigate the tunnels, and would surely die without a guide).

Fing leads the party to a massive underground lake, in a cavern that is so big they can not see the top or sides. There is a trail along the ‘beach’, that they follow. They soon come across a small island with a large stone keep and a battered banner atop the roof. Aeyo and Dorian convince the group to check it out. Dorian summons a floating disc, and ferry’s the party across the lake to the keep.

The keep is well made, very solid, and apparently abandoned from the outside. The party opens the portcullis, and enters the first antechamber. They are met, by a well dressed woman, reading a book in a chamber that is brightly light with magic everburning torches. After some smalltalk, the woman offers guestright, and the party agree’s to stay for the evening. they move to the dining room, where they are served an incredible feast. Aeyo notices that the serving staff have canine teeth. Aurus flirts with the lady, who the party now knows as Lady Winthrop, and it is learned that Aurus and Winthrop are both blooded, so they meet privately after dinner for some drinks.

Aurus finds Lady Winthrop quite ‘charming’, and he quickly succumbs to her power. He wakes up in a torture chamber, stripped naked, where he is whipped, slapped, and molested. Naturally he thinks this is the best sex to be had in life (did I mention he was groggy and dopey from the wine?). He passes out as a “W” is branded on his ass, as Lady Winthrop marks him as her property. The fade scene is Aurus being healed of his wounds while he is unconscious, and being re-dressed in his clothing.

Meanwhile, Dorian, Shera, Aeyo and Spike meet in Dorian’s room to discuss their shared sneaking suspicious and concerns. Aeyo shares his observation of canine teeth amongst the serving staff. Dorian invokes his Deva powers and asks the divine a few questions. He is able to quickly learn that Lady Winthrop is a threat to the party, there are undead in the residence, and there is great wealth to be found there as well.

Armed with this information, the party armor up, and go in search of Aurus, who they last saw leaving in the company of Lady Winthrop. They come down to the antechamber near the front door, and once again find Lady Winthrop reading a book. She eyes them without any show of fear, and asks why they are armed so late in the evening. The party is quickly able to verify her true identity as a very powerful elder vampire. The party demands to know where Aurus is, and Lady Winthrop summons her servants, who bring a still passed out Aurus, and leave him on a couch. From all outward appearances, Aurus appears to be passed out from too much drinking (the buffoon).

Lady Winthrop challenges the group and asks to know which Drow Matron sent the party to attack her. Dorian, offers his oath as a Deva, on his immortal soul, that the party genuinely stumbled upon her abode while purusing another task, and no one sent them. This seemed to take some edge off of Lady Winthrop, who then offered the party a deal. She needed supplies from a drow trading hub, but due to her enemeies there, she was unable to go herself. If the party goes for her, they will be given a handsome reward of gold and magic items. As a good will offering Lady Winthrop gives the party 2000 gold and gives Shera magic armor.

Dorian explains to Lady Winthrop that before they can go about her task, they must first finish another. Dorian shows her the statue and says they must destroy it in a volcano, ebfore they can do anything else. She eyes the statue hungrily and offers to buy it, but Dorian remains firm that it must be destroyed. She offers to help them conclude that mission, if they will start her supply sun immediately after. The party agree’s.

That evening, Lady Winthrop escorts Dorian and Aurus to the surface, where she leads them through the jungle to a swampy lake area. An elder black dragon breaks through the surface of the lake, and speaks with her. The dragon is introduced as Gogotha, and he agree’s to help Lady Winthrop by taking Dorian and Aurus to the volcano.

A few hours of flight and the Dragon has them over the Volcano where Dorian hurls the statue into the fiery pit, where they see it explode and melt. Upon return, they meet Lady Winthrop who has obviously fed in the few hours they were away, and she returns them to her home. Since it is evening they decide to rest there for the night. Dorian is given access to Lady Winthrop’s personal library where he finds a book that teaches him an incredible amount about the drow (permanent +2 to all Drow related rolls).

Aurus, unable to contain his insecure peen, starts to flirt with Lady Winthrop again (he has no memory of his treatment in her hands the night before). Unfortunately she finds him somewhat interesting, and after flailing him thoroughly with her undead lady parts, she drains him of blood, and performs the ritual to make him into a Vampire Lord.

Come morning time, Dorian is escorted to her private study where she explains in detail what she has done to Aurus. While this is going on, AUrus makes his way back to his room, and finds she has gift wrapped a shovel for him as a gift (so he can dig his grave each night).

Dorian steels himself, knowing he must tell his friends what has become of Aurus, and decide Aurus’ fate. If Aurus will be put to peace, or find a way to undo this heinous curse, will depend solely on the party, and Aurus himself (and if Aurus is able to convince the group that he is worth the risk to have around, or if he has any genuine effort to return to a state of living and serving his god Tempus).




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