Bullywugs and Shenanigans

A month or so pass, the party receives word that the Temple of Amaunator has a large group en route to their keep. The profits are rolling in for the party (to the tune of 50,000 gold so far) for the lumber harvesting operations on the surface. Requests to the Dwarves for more engineers and stone craftsmen have been sent. Rus, Aurus, Dorian, and one of the Drow that swore oath decide to go check out one of the ruins and temples in the nearby swamps (Such things happen when half the party is missing the game!).

After a few days journey they arrive at their first temple, close to nightfall. The party finds some dry land, and set up camp on it. On the final watch of the night, Dorian notices some lights in the distance, so he wakes up Rus to hold watch, while he goes to investigate.

Dorian invokes a floating disc, and rides that to the source of the lights. What he sees, leaves him in slight awe. A black obsidian tablet covered in odd glowing runes, roughly 4’ tall stands, surrounded by a 30 ft radius energy field with bits of energy and electricity randomly crackling and skittering along it’s surface. Without knowing why, something comes over Dorian, and he touches the energy field. The runes on the tablet rearrange themselves, and reform into common language. On the tablet, it reads:

“Resting place of the great king SLARAYNTG. All trespassers are cursed to die. The Primordial’s will guard this place Forever. And the Snake King will Rise Again.”

Dorian has read many books in his life(times), and has a vague recollection about the name mentioned. He remembers that it is the name of a Yuan Ti God-King.. and a very wealthy one. There are legends of an item of great power in his treasure trove, a ring with the ability to control and manipulate the minds of others. It was a unique item, it’s exact name lost to legend.. at least to any not with an immortal’s memory. “Slarayntg’s Ring of Control” is the name, Dorian knows.

Excited at this find, Dorian returns to camp, where everyone has woken up by now. Not telling them of the ring, but telling them of the legends of significant wealth and treasure. The group continues on the pyramid (another half day’s journey). Just as they get to the pyramid, they are attacked by a group of bullywugs.

The battle is fairly fast, but almost cost Aurus his life, as he gets trapped in the swamp and almost drowns. Once he is saved from the trap, they ascend the pyramid. Taking their time, they inspect the entrance, making sure they do not trigger any booby-traps. They open the door and begin to block it open with pitons, when they see roughly 200 bullywugs standing at the base of the pyramid watching them. They decide to enter the pyramid and close the door behind them.



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